Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review of my new iPhone 6s plus Rose gold

I love all the new features Apples' latest iPhone 6s Plus, has to offer from the 3D Touch, to the front facing camera flash. Everyone knows that I am a selfie queen!!! So I knew I had to upgrade to the latest iPhone soon! My previous device was a iPhone 6 Plus and it had run its year course lol, it had a few defects that I had to simply put up with for the last 6 months of having the phone. Yes! I had insurance but I was not willing to pay a deductible for the minor defect lol. My letter "y" button went out of order as well as my number "6" the screen had some sort of defect in one area but I just worked around it for 6 months knowing that a new iPhone would be launching soon!! Back to the iPhone 6s Plus I have to say the things that I like best about it, would be the quality of the camera and the 3D Touch. I love that Instagram has intergraded the new fracture in the app as well, now it stead of selecting a photo one by one to view, you can now just hold down the picture and a preview will pop up. I use it in the message app as well to preview messages. One new feature I forgot to mention would have to be that you can now take live pictures, which is basically a 2 second moving picture, there is also an option to save the moving picture to your lock screen or home screen. Well that's about all for now I'm still learning about new features everyday. #teamiphone 

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